IPERTESTO, 25th anniversary of Palomba Serafini Associati.

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Among the unique pieces of furniture designed for IPERTESTO, the exhibition celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Palomba Serafini Associati*, stands out the table produced by Litolite for Horm. The exhibition is hosted by Tommaso Calabro Gallery*, Milan, until December 21.

Ipertesto Palomba Serafini

An exhibition that celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of Palomba Serafini Associati with unique pieces, designed in collaboration with leading Italian and international design companies.

Each creation is the result of a coherent research, developing from an interaction of thoughts, inspirations and intuitions.

Refusing any linear approach as well as all aesthetic and formal stylisms, PalombaSerafini rediscover what being a designer means, thinking about objects’ function before designing their shape.

These objects are multitudes of formal and material identities, operating on multiple levels in a hypertextual way. Their display next to Post-war artworks selected by the gallery for the show will enhance unexpected conversations across different disciplines.

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