Designing Your Dream.
Creating unique objects.

We creATE unique objects with eternal charm. We take care of everything, tell us about your project and discover more.

changing the

Litolite is meticulous attention to detail, creativity, elegance, wit and charm. We have the best robotic technologies and the experience of our grandparents. We started with stone and combined it with wood. Discover our incredible objects.

Our service

CNC Technology

In our company we have the best cnc robots. From cutting wood to working stone. We create inside our company special projects with a unique charm.

Bespoke design

We take care of everything. From the preliminary design to the executive design for the machines. You don't have to think about anything.

Marble and Wood

Our grandparents started with stone in a small laboratory in Pove del Grappa. Subsequently, we specialized in unique objects that combine wood and stone. Now we have a technological laboratory with very high precision robots. We create perfect bespoke commissions.


In Italy everyone calls us EBANISTI DELLA PIETRA. Our grandparents taught us to inlay with our hands, today we have the best technologies in our company. We have the latest generation lasers. The best technology on the market.

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BREAK THE RULES!!! This is litolite

Everything we create at LITOLITE is recognisable by those quintessentially ITALIAN characteristics of inventiveness. We create unique objects with eternal charm. We take care of everything, tell us about your project and discover our bespoke commissions.

1. Strategic planning

Study of the product. Colors, materials and processes. Every concept is not overlooked.

2. 360 solutions

We study advanced technical solutions. We use our robots with skill. 

3 . vision

We deliver perfect products in every detail. Every items is assembled with perfection.

tavolo in marmo
the humidor

“Litolite believes in lasting synergies with clients, employees and designers, in durable products with sustainable growth, from the perspective of italian design.”


We combine the best technologies and make our products perfectly. Polishing, assembly, painting, cutting, inlay, marble inlay. All in one. The future is now. What are you waiting for? Contact Us!