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We create incredible object with High quality materials, high quality workmanship, high performance, lightweight, reliability, durability and design

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Litolite is meticulous attention to detail, creativity, elegance, wit and charm. We have the best robotic technologies and the experience of our grandparents. We started with stone and combined it with wood. Discover our incredible custom marble furniture.

Impossible products

We make impossible objects. Attention to detail. Care of materials. Specialized engineers. Choose litolite for your project.

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Marble Decor

Marble becomes fabric. We decorate marble as never seen before. Real stone engravings. Skill, technology, design. 


The first indestructible marble in the world. With our technology you can create incredible custom marble furniture. Forget the fragility of marble and contact us.

WHO we are
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BREAK THE RULES!!! custom marble furniture

Everything we create at LITOLITE is recognisable by those quintessentially ITALIAN characteristics of inventiveness. We create unique objects with eternal charm. We take care of everything, tell us about your project and discover our bespoke commissions.

1. Strategic planning

Study of the product. Colors, materials and processes. Every concept is not overlooked.

2. 360 solutions

We study advanced technical solutions. We use our robots with skill. 

3 . vision

We deliver perfect products in every detail. Every items is assembled with perfection.

palomba serafini

“Litolite believes in lasting synergies with clients, employees and designers, in durable products with sustainable growth, from the perspective of italian design.”


We combine the best technologies and make our products perfectly. Polishing, assembly, painting, cutting, inlay, marble inlay. All in one. The future is now. What are you waiting for? Contact Us!