Litolite is a company that was founded in 2016. The company has significant potential in the field of luxury design.

The primary material worked on by Litolite is STONE.

All products are handcrafted, representing true MADE IN ITALY craftsmanship.

Specialized in Humidors and Accessories.

From the idea to the finished product. The Litolite method

Initial phase

he first phase involves listening to and understanding the customer's requests. This moment is the most important because we strive to thoroughly analyze and listen to the customer's request in order to fully grasp the details and their preferences.

Design and aesthetics

Our team's work is based on the organization of creative processes. This is how we identify the concept of the optimal product. We study every detail, from individual screws to the finishing of each component. We combine the finest materials with stone, from leather to mother of pearl. We believe that every product should tell a story and evoke incredible emotions.


For concept development, at Litolite, we use advanced 3D software to visualize the product in a detailed and realistic manner, allowing the customer to have a clear understanding of how the final product will look. We design and engineer every component, which we then manufacture with our state-of-the-art CNC machines. We have CNC machines for marble, wood, and metal.

We produce and ship worldwide.

We produce your modern furniture concept from prototype to mass production. We design and create the packaging, perfect protective wrapping, and study the best methods for storage and shipping. We have the best technicians for both Italy and abroad. The flawless assembly of every part is one of our added values. We aim for our customers to always be satisfied, and our greatest reward is the happiness of those who choose us.




Turnkey project

Turnkey project

The high level of specialization of our team and the presence of well-defined technical skills enable us to efficiently and effectively execute projects, starting from the specifications defined with the customer to overseeing mass production. Through a 3D layout, we can quickly identify any issues related to a product and propose corrective solutions.

Through 3D modeling, we will be able to develop your project in a special virtual environment where all the verification, design, calculation, and cost analysis functions can be estimated.

Why choose us?

Litolite is more than a company; it is an innovation laboratory.
Our passion for experimentation has led us to patent many of our creations, offering our customers EXCLUSIVITY and ORIGINALITY they won’t find elsewhere.

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