It was not easy to innovate the most ancient material on earth. A material of infinite beauty and endless elegance. From now on, the rules will never be the same with Ultrastone. We made it thin, ultra-resistant and shaped it in a unique design you have never seen before. Discover Ultrastone. 


Back to the future with ULTRASTONE

The Ultrastone technology is a layered assembly of stone and steel or carbonfiber, coupling together tradition and innovation to provide unmatched performances in terms of strength and stiffness. Real stone available in an infinite set of finishing and colors.

ultra stone

Ultra thin and light real stone

Design has always been LitoLite’s flagship. Every single detail is carefully reviewed and crafted to obtain the best from our products. Each edge is hand polished producing a stunnig contrast between the stone surface and the shine of the steel blades. Thin, strong and beautyful.

Unmatched strength performance

LitoLite is recognized for creating products never seen before. Ultrastone raised the bar to a completely new level, setting new unmatched limits in terms of strength, stiffness and design. Ultrastone is stronger, Ultrastone is the strongest.

Palomba Serafini
other patents and technologies

Metal Inlay

The first ultra detailed metal inlay. Incredible detail on real stone. 

Stone and wood humidor box

The eternal beauty of stone blends with wood. 

bespoke commissions

Luxury objects in stone, metal and wood

We create luxury objects in multi-material.

Wood inlays

We create ultra-detailed inlays on many prestigious essences.