impossible design in marble

We have numerous patents that allow us to create impossible design in marble with a unique design. From the world’s thinnest and most resistant marble to stone inlays

ultra stone

our patent

We studied carbon and built carbon marble products. Impossible. But not for Litolite


Ultra Stone

Litolite patent

Carbon Stone

Litolite patent

Float Stone

Litolite patent

Litolite holds several extremely innovative solutions. Ultramarmo is an extreme solution that makes marble indestructible and with very high load capacity. You can create impossible jumps or huge spans. For example, you can create a large, super thin and indestructible table. Only your imagination can stop you. Litolite supplies the complete product or the semi-finished product with engineering support. 

Palomba Serafini

Stone engineering

The best aerospace technologies applied to your projects. We only use HM carbon with special procedures to obtain very high pretational results

marble design
carbon marble



decor marble
decor marble

Micro stone engraving, a litolite solution for natural stone. We create natural stone coverings, with modern or classic shapes. 

low relief