Our new Ultramarmo patents change the rules of marble. From now on, the marble will be light, super resistant and you can make anything. ( Approved patent )


Our double carbon or steel blades ( Patented carbon ) make marble more powerful and durable than ever. The load capacity is huge. Thin just 10mm. No size limitation. Endless applications. You can create impossible overhang or very long spans. From today, marble is no longer fragile.


The centrifuged elements in this new multi-material generate a new design concept, removes all limits to all designers, and allows litolite to create any extreme solution. Possible finishes on the edge in aluminum, copper and brass.




Discover also our ultrathin marble with carbon technology and glass technology:


  • Vetromarmo: 5mm Marble / 4mm Glass
  • Carbonmarble: 10mm Marble composite, ultrathin and ultralight