Luxury humidor box collections

Luxury humidor boxes with real, finely worked marble on the top.

Luxury humidor
Luxury humidor

Humidor Venezia collection | 25 pieces.
“The legend of Burano Lace.”
One of the most famous legends about Venezia for your cigar box.

Humidor Dubai collection
| 25 pieces.

Humidor Winston Churchill collection | 25 pieces.​

winston churchill humidor
luxury design
winston churchill humidor
luxury design

Eagle collection
| Coming soon.

Discover our humidor tubes.

The only humidor tube made with the magnificent  material more ancient in the world. THE STONE.

Our humidor world.

A taste of our work is given here, discover the images of our current and past humidor projects.

Humidor details

- Size: 40cm // 20 cm // 25cm
- Decor: Real marble
- Technology: Microrelief
- Wood: Mahogany or cedar
- Humidification: Boveda
- Hygrometer: Digital

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