Everything we create at LITOLITE is recognisable by those quintessentially ITALIAN characteristics of inventiveness. We create unique objects with eternal charm. We take care of everything, tell us about your project and discover our bespoke commissions.

Italian craftsmanship

Litolite is meticulous attention to detail, creativity, elegance, wit and charm. We have the best robotic technologies and the experience of our grandparents. We started with stone and combined it with wood. Discover our bespoke commissions..

Since 1920

Our grandparents started with stone in a small laboratory in Pove del Grappa. Subsequently, we specialized in unique objects that combine wood and stone. Now we have a technological laboratory with very high precision robots. We create perfect bespoke commissions.

Italian craftsmanship

In Italy everyone calls us EBANISTI DELLA PIETRA. Our grandparents taught us to inlay with our hands, today we have the best technologies in our company

Inlay & Relief

Incredible inlays on wood. Unique micro-reliefs. The art that meets design and technology. 

Humidor box


humidor box
humidor box

Since 1920 our craftsmen making luxury objects and many other accessories.

Powered by Boveda in solid wood. Size 40 // 25 // 20 cm. Orange. Made in Italy. 

humidor box


Ipertesto was a challenge, we collected it in litolite style. Engineering, marble, steel, logistic skills. Litolite has designed every detail. We thought an impossible table for Palomba Serafini. 

Incredible objects

“Shaping natural beauty.” When glass meets the magnificence of marble. Bespoke commissions. Design By Simone Crestani

About Litolite.
The new shape of marble.

Litolite believes in lasting synergies with clients, employees and designers, in durable products with sustainable growth, from the perspective of italian design.

Why us

The first humidor
with marble.

Luxury humidor boxes with real, finely worked marble on the top.

The only Humidor tube made with the material most ancient in the world: THE STONE.

wood inlay

Wood and stone inlay

We model the stone and wood surfaces in order to conceive/design creative shapes or lights and shadows effects.

Marble work

Micro relief

Exclusive engraving process that carves artistic ornaments, patterns and decorationson marble surface.

Clients & Collaborations.


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