LitoLite as luxury brand has merely specialized into the creation of prestigious objects and furniture in marble. The distinctive trait of the Brand is due to the stone working and its unique manufacturing.

We are specialized in furniture, Design and luxury objects




Embarking on a new design concept or reconfiguring a space can be exciting, daunting and sometimes challenging. The LITOLITE team are on hand to guide clients through the whole design process, from discovery brief to design development and delivery. We will oversee, monitor and supervise the entire project, from start to finish including any post-production snagging.

To help make the experience as smooth and as easy as possible, we have developed a detailed 4-stage schedule that outlines every aspect of a potential assignment. Starting with the overall vision, we then work through each phase methodically, covering every detail of the brief. Structure, lighting and style specifications, colour schemes, furniture and furnishing are all taken into account while liaising with the client throughout. Following this tried and tested formula allows for open communication every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome

Luxury furniture




Once an idea is  put  forward,  the  LITOLITE team  will  start  the process of transforming the design into 3D reality. Through careful planning and detailed illustrations, every consideration is taken into account, from the  architecture  and fabric of the building to potential colour schemes and finishing touches. We can provide everything a room might require and can source from our extensive network of craftsmen and suppliers from around the world.

On large scale projects, our experienced team of designers is well practiced at working in tandem with independent parties (architects, building contractors etc) ensuring every aspect of the  process  coordinates seamlessly.




The primary focus of any project involves integrating clever design with the finest quality craftsmanship while pinpointing and incorporating every aspect and detail of an interior space. This is where the LITOLITE Interior Design team excel by applying their practical and technical knowledge of what makes an  interior work. During this phase of the process, all the specifications of a room are developed and presented to the client with detailed drawings and visuals, showing exactly how the end result will look and where all the furniture and fittings will be located.




With the project underway, the client can relax as the LITOLITE Design Team supervise the production of all the bespoke elements through our trusted Italian workshops while coordinating the delivery of all fixtures, fittings and furniture. During site visits, we meet with professional consultants to ensure every aspect of the proposal is advancing and review the progress of works to give clients clear and regular updates. All practicalities are taken into account – location of light sockets and switches and integration of the most sophisticated technology etc – all the while, fine tuning the end result.