The new shape of marble

Leather, wood and steel have all been used traditionally to create cigar tube, but nobody has used the material more ancient in the world: THE STONE

With the creation of the new marble tube we have reimagined this well-known cigar accessory, gave it new functions and a distinctive appearance.

Our cigar tube is the union of two natural materials, our philosophy of luxury and design. Internally is wood, one millimeter of thickness. Outside, real marble ultra thin and ultra light, less than two millimeters. The cigartube has a humidification system inside which ensures you will find your cigar in the same pristine condition as you left it before your journey.

A CNC machined guarantees detail and precision. Featherweight and elegant in every part. Finished and polished by hand, rare woods and precious stones, many hours of labor to assemble a unique elegant object.

You can take one thing for granted: when you pull out your finest cigar from our marble tube, your spectators will be amazed. And not because of the cigar…


Stone : White tiger / Black Mamba / Desert Storme & Limited series

Wood: Mahogany / Ebony / Olive / Cedar / Padouk

Size: 180mm / 28mm ( Inside 160mm / 23mm ) / Length on reques

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